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3 Communication Mistakes and How to Fix Them

The tools you have to keep someone’s attention in this distraction-ridden world are becoming ever more valuable.


Why Gender Diversity in Tech Matters, Explained in 3 Minutes

Gender diversity and leadership in tech is an urgent issue to address to offer balance to a male-dominated industry and avoid the negative ripple effect.


10 Questions with Sam Rosen of MakeSpace

INSPIRATION WHO IS YOUR HERO AND WHY? I don’t have a hero… there are too many that are influential in my life. And as I get older, or as my situation changes, those people change too. I believe there


All You Can Vee

Navigating the Gary Vaynerchuk Content Buffet, from NJ Tech Meetup member Gil Olsen. Gary Vaynerchuk recently asked his audience, “am I putting out too much content?” The answer is no. just like


10 Questions with Guillaume Gauthereau

INSPIRATION WHO IS YOUR HERO AND WHY? Mother Theresa. She is someone that has shown that if you follow your truth, and your bliss, even if you have no idea exactly how to do it, than the universe and everything


10 Questions with Jenny Fielding of Techstars

Jenny Fielding is the Managing Director of TechStars, investing in Hardware, FinTech and The Internet of Things. Inspiration WHAT’S OUT THERE INSPIRING YOU RIGHT NOW? My next batch of startups, of course.


10 Questions with David S. Kidder

INSPIRATION WHO IS YOUR HERO AND WHY? In the enterprise world, it’s Beth Comstock at GE. She’s an enterprise hero on a lot of levels. In the Startup world, I think Reid Hoffman. He’s amazing- as


10 Questions with Bill O’Farrell, CEO of Body Labs

NEW APPS Ohhh… You’re talkin’ to the wrong guy. I’m over 50. My new toy is a better tennis racket. Even better. I just bought a new surfboard. (Bill writes this off as an after-thought, but it’s


How James Altucher Comes Up With Million-Dollar Ideas

When it comes to finding the right business idea, is it possible to train yourself to come up with ideas for million-dollar businesses in just six months? Well, James Altucher went from broke to starting

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