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Why I Still Have a Desktop Computer

Legacy.   Legacy is the only reason I continue to have a desktop computer.  The old way of managing devices hasn’t withered enough to rely completely on IoT devices.  In other words, I still see some


Upcoming Events May-June 2017

Community partners are part of what makes Propelify work. Here's more about what's going on in the ecosystem: Startupalooza White Plains Pitching Event Wednesday, May 24, 2017 KOI CREATIVE SPACE 169 MAMARONECK


The Future of Transportation

The future is always an interesting topic.  Unlike discussing the weather, asking someone the open question of “what will the future be like” gives you an idea of their interests and how they perceive


Future of Delivery

The future of delivery will be very different than you can imagine. The other day I stood in front of a bowl of green tomatoes and wished they were ripe. There I was waiting for my investment in tomatoes


When Entering a Business, Consider your Exit

Guest post by Jeff Cassin, M&A and corporate attorney with Scarinci Hollenbeck. Entrepreneurs have a lot on their minds when starting a new business, from securing adequate capitalization, how to


Growing Up in a Connected Home

They don’t know anything else. That is the overall feeling I have when my daughters naturally adapt to new technologies I bring home. My kids are ages five and three: two little girls born 39 years


A Startup Failure Story

What happens when your startup isn’t catching fire? When something you care so much about, and would make the world such better a better place, isn’t working? When you’ve paid for everything out


5 Ways Flow Can Help You In The Workplace

If you’ve ever been hyper-focused in the heat of a sports match, participated in an extreme outdoor activity, or lost yourself for hours while playing a musical instrument, then chances are you’ve


Week In Review 3-29-17 With Aaron Price

Lesson: Own your value proposition.


100 Years In, Grey Group Still Embarking On New Adventures

Founded in 1917, the Grey Group advertising agency has been famously effective for 100 years, something most startups only dream about. We visited their offices in New York to talk about what’s shifting

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