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arianna huffington thrive

A Serial Entrepreneur’s Latest Victim: Stress

After selling the Pulitzer-Prize winning Huffington Post to AOL for $315M and publishing 15 books, Arianna Huffington has moved onto her latest project: Thrive Global.

the joy of missing out

The Joy Of Missing Out

In 2007, entrepreneurial genius Arianna Huffington woke up face-down on her desk in a pool of her own blood with a broken cheekbone. She asked herself, “Is this what success looks like?”

alexis smith peter pan culture

Peter Pan Culture

What’s been around for 160 years, but hasn’t gotten old? What’s the secret to their immortality?

get out of your way

Get Out Of Your Way

Do you have tunnel vision toward success? It’s easy to let your health take the back seat while you’re driving brand development, but with a mindset like that it’s only a matter of time before


Speaker Interview: Matt Britton, CEO, Crowdtap

Crowdtap CEO Matt Britton started his first marketing agency back in 2002 and was a leader in social media marketing on the agency level. In this interview, he gives valuable advice for entrepreneurs


Speaker Interview: Rebecca Price, VP of People, Enigma

Rebecca Price, VP of People at Enigma, describes what the role of a VP of People plays in the growth of a company and gives advice to founders on how to build their teams and company culture. Join Rebecca


Speaker Interview: Jason Saltzman, Founder, Alley

ALLEY founder Jason Saltzman describes how having a sense of community and collaborative culture fuels the tech industry in NYC. Join Jason on on May 18, 2017 in Hoboken, NJ at Propelify Innovation


Speaker Snapshot: Wendi Sturgis, EVP Yext

Bio After graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Wendi Sturgis began an incredible career in the tech industry. She’s held executive roles in organizations including Oracle, Gartner,


Speaker Snapshot: Christina Sass, Cofounder & COO, Andela

Bio Christina Sass is the co-founder and COO of Andela, which seeks, recruits, and pairs software engineers throughout Africa with global technology firms on a full-time basis. A graduate from the University

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