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All posts by Stacy Zolnikov

Harnessing Disruption in The Internet of Things — IoT, Part III

What the hell is disruption? Has the topic of disruption become a casual water cooler conversation or are you just more susceptible to hear it?


The Internet of Things Part II: Mobilizing Innovation in the Retail Ecosystem

Our lives have become so virtually intertwined, we’re incapable of escaping the harrowing consequences of our digital footprint. 


The number one thing every entrepreneur needs in order to succeed – learnings from NJ Tech Meetup 85

If you missed this month’s NJ Tech Meetup, you missed a lot of invaluable insight from Brian Hirsch of Tribeca Venture Partners and presentations from 3 rising startups. Fortunately, I’m here to provide


Welcome to the World of Connected Devices, Part I: Intro to Internet of Things

Tapping & Clicking Our Way Through The Internet Of Things Remember when having a Razr flip phone and an iPod determined whether you sat with the cool kids or not? (Yeah me neither, I was never a


The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence on Humanity

Could you imagine a world in which we create software that surpasses human capabilities? Well, we’re in that world, and Google is the lead pioneer.


Google Express vs Amazon Prime: which on-demand service is the most promising?

East Coast it’s time to rejoice! Why? Because we’re all lazy and have zero patience. A couple weeks ago, Google Express announced they are expanding their services to the Northeast to include Connecticut,